Monday, July 03, 2006

So… Just wanted to put up a post while I had a chance. This weekend was a school holiday weekend, and as such Caroline (my site mate) and I decided to come into Mariental for the four day weekend. Well, actually we hiked in on Saturday. Like always, I’ve been on the road a bit too much. I spent the week organizing some programs and workshops for two of the schools in Aranos. Thursday, I hiked in to Mareintal to start getting quotations for things that we need to set up the soup kitchen so we can start spending our grant money. Friday morning, my supervisor came to Mariental with the Village Council so that she could look over the quotations that I had searched for. After deeming them fit for purchase, I hiked back to Aranos for a friend’s birthday party Friday night. Then Saturday afternoon I hiked back to Mariental with Caroline. Blahhhhhhh! That’s like 400km of hitch hiking in three days. I’ve got to stop traveling soon! But, it has been a really great weekend and I must say worth the extra hiking. Sunday morning I went outside and read Steppenwolf for a few hours and enjoyed the warmth of the morning sun after a cold night. After that, I grabbed my pack, filled it with food and water, and headed out for a day of rock climbing at the plateau, just outside of Mtal. The area out where I was climbing looks exactly like any place out in Arizona that you would see on a post card. It’s really beautiful, I will try to post some photos some when at some point. Later in the night, we had an early 4th of July celebration; which, we had every intention of making an American BBQ, but quickly it degenerated into a Namlish braai. It was still really nice though. So, all in all it was a good weekend. Today, we are going to hike back out in to the dessert and return home to our humble Aranos to resume yet another week. So, until next time... Cheers.
P.S. Saturday morning I was able to go and check mail. To my shock and utter joy, I had FIVE packages from home. This was the first mail that I had received in a month or so. After three trips to the post office, I live about two miles from the post office so I had to make trips, I had Christmas in July. Just really wanted to thank you Kev. I’ve never had such an amazing care package, or packages! Your making being a PCV easy.


At 2:38 PM, Anonymous Laura Tisdale said...

Dear Patrick,
I am so glad to be able to read your blog. Kevin just forwarded it to me. I have been so anxious to hear how you have been. We are all so proud of you, and are all very excited by what your are doing.You are living life!
A man after your grandfather's heart. Always the adventurer. I would like to set up a pen-pal situation between our students this year. Any ideas on how best to communicate? We could send photos, video, letters that sort of thing. Will you be getting an email address? My address is: 277 Kelsey Blvd. Charleston, SC 29492. Can't wait to hear from you.
Your Loving Aunt,

At 3:59 PM, Blogger Sunny said...

Patrick! Tyler just forwarded this to me, and I am so happy to read about what you're doing! I look forward to reading your next entry!


At 11:56 AM, Anonymous colleen reilly said...

Hey Patrick,
I love your blog. Its great to see pictures of your places and people. You have quite a good eye for good photos.
Katie read it and looked at the pics- she said" I'm jealous!!!!!" but not really- just glad you are getting to do something so awesome.
All your projects sound great and so needed for those kids. I am sure they appreciate what you do.
Things here are business as usual. Katie works with me and doess massage and some of the colonics.
I do the colonics and SCENAR treatments but not too many people know about SCENAR yet so most of my clients are for colonics.
Emily, Bryant, Zayla and new brother Max are settled in their new home. They fixed it up nicely with tile and Pergo floors and painted all the rooms.
Luanna, Ryan, Rily and newer brother Matthew just moved last week so everything is a disaster at their new place but they are so grateful for such a nice new house.
Mark came in second in the state in his category last bicycle racing season- too early to tell about this year but being an electrician when work is busy he can't get much training in so his races suffer.
But at least he pays the bills.
I am really amazed at what a creative and hardworking young man you have become. I am really thrilled that you seem to be so open to life.
I will be looking forward to your next posting and will try to write you, I just am not sure how much you are interested in our stuff as we never got to really know each other as you were growing up.
Till next time,
All my love
Aunt Colleen

At 6:38 AM, Anonymous Laura Tisdale said...

Dear Patrick,
Just read your latest blog. Your photos are stunning! I see a coffee table book in your future:) I hope you get the chance to read the comments people send you. It is always nice to have two way communication. Keeps you connected. I remember while living in Saudi Arabia, I felt pretty isolated. The only person I had to talk to was Rick,and I didn't even like him that much. Anyway, when you get the chance, let me know how you want to set up communication between our students. I think it would be a great opportunity for all the kids. Take Care,
Loves Ya,

At 9:07 AM, Anonymous Pamela LaFontaine said...

Dear Patrick,

I visited your grandmother, my Aunt Rae Reilly, this past weekend, and she introduced me to your blog. It's all so exciting, stimulating, and frightening. I'm going to be sure and keep up with your adventures and hard work. My mom, Aunt Pat, couldn't get over the obstacles you endure.

Your grandmother brought my mom, and me to your Dad's home. It's impressing because it's exterior is grand, yet it's interior is decorated so simple and soothing. This was the first time I ever met him. However, we've always heard a lot about you all from Aunt Rae. She is very proud of you all, but knowing what I've learned about her, her mother and father, and your grandfather Reilly no wonder you are all such worldly adventurers.

Around 1991 we all went to a Cain reunion in Dahlonega, GA and your grandmather had your brother Michael with her, but I don't recall you being there.

Anyway Aunt Rae and I keep in touch and and visit from time to time. She is also very gracious when we're just passing through by allowing us to stay over night if we'd like to. She was especially gracious when Hurricane Katrina hit us including your Aunt Kitty.

I tried to print out your blog, but wasn't successful. Does it not allow this action? I was going to put in a binder for my children to read and my mom said I should keep it together and forward to you after your ture is finished.

I'm very proud to share this blog with my children (ages 20 and 12) a few of my family members, and close friends. And, I'm looking forward to following your future adventures.


Pam (2nd cousin)


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